MeWi is a platform aimed at helping franchise brokers sell more franchises. We ONLY work with multi unitfranchise operators or candidates, or area developers. You can sign up your candidates or they can sign up directly. In each case, you are listed as the broker. We can help you in two ways.
1. First, we help your single unit candidates become multi unit candidates by helping them find equity investors who can provide capital in excess of the traditional financing methods of SBA financing or the candidates own capital.
2. Second, we help your listings of existing franchises for sale by exposing them to our multi unit franchisee users who are looking to acquire additional units as well as our investor users who are potential sources of capital for those listings.
MeWi is a franchise only platform and perfect for resales. We help brokers sell more franchises! In order to list a franchise for sale on our site, you must meet our minimum quality tests.
  • Every listing must have a professional CIM or similar document.
  • Every listing must have a short teaser available to buyers without an NDA.
  • You must have access to and have reviewed the seller’s financials.